Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fixin' Up My Sewing Space

I made this little quilted "skirt" for my sewing machine from a McCall's pattern in the attempts to clean up my sewing space. (Ha ha!) It has three little pockets across the front to put small items in.  I especially like the quilted area at the top near the machine for a place to hold the pins.  It keeps them from rolling onto the floor!

I also made a cute little "scrap holder" to put the threads in while I am sewing.  It's made from a 10-inch quilted square and then sewn up in the corners.  The ends then fold over and are held in place with a button.  I loved making this!  I think made in different colors, this little holder would look great in any room (bathroom for holding hair clips, bedroom for holding small jewelry or coins, etc.).

I can carry this around the house with me and use it when I bring my machine up to the dining room to sew.  It holds all of the scraps that are ready to go into the garbage. 

The little sewing case is for my small pairs of scissors and ruler.  You can't really see by the photo, but it has a zippered top.  Then when I pack up my machine to take places, I don't have to worry about getting stabbed with the scissors! 

I'm not sure if is has totally cleaned up my sewing area, but I guess it's a good start!

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