Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Bunnies are Multiplying Fast!

With Easter coming I wanted to put out some spring-looking decorations.  After picking through my boxes I was amazed at how little Easter decor that I had!  So I made a trip to Michael's and then to the Dollar Store.  I picked out some pastel colored flowers and put them on the fireplace.

I chose purple and even though you can't see them very well, some salmon-colored and then off-white flowers.  What I decided that what the bouquet needed was a bunny.  So I went to my sewing room and came up with this.  What I didn't realize was how fast he was going to reproduce!

Then some started to appear on the table!  I think my favorite one was the one that I made from a felt square shown here in the cream color.  I set them in some budding sprigs that I had found at a garage sale last year.  I added a couple of candle holders and even made some little purple hearts to add to the mix.  I bought the misty colored eggs at Michaels.

Then a few appeared on the mantle!  They are sitting with a little Bunnies By the Bay rabbit that I also previously found at a garage sale.  They are in bowls, climbing on the candle holder and hopping around the kitchen, too!  

I guess what they say about bunnies is true.  They sure do multiply fast!

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