Friday, October 25, 2013

Making Aprons to Go with Your Potholders

What do you make to go with your many potholders?  Why, aprons, of course!

Every year around the holidays all the girls in my family get together for our annual Christmas Cookie-Making Day!  This past year I made everyone an apron so that we can all match when we get together for our day.  

I found some cute cupcake fabrics at Joann's and thought that it would look great made up into some aprons!  I used a Simplicity pattern and added big bright buttons on the pockets for a bit of a whimsical look.

I made each one a little different.  I had a lot of fun mixing up the fabrics and adding some polka dots.  They're not hard to make and they make great gifts for your family and friends that like to bake!

Why not make up a batch of potholders (See my tutorial at the top of the page) and some aprons and plan your own Christmas Cookie-Making Day! 

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