Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Word Pillows

This week I've been working on some pillows that have words on them.  I found the idea from  I made my pillows with the words "faith, hope and love" on them.  They're made basically using scraps of fabric for the letters and the patchwork around the edges.

 I traced the letters onto Wonder Under to make the fabric fusible.  I ironed them on, stitched around them with matching thread using a small zig zag and then added some patchwork to match the colors that I chose.

 I wanted these to have greens and browns in these to match my decor.  I added a bit of reddish orange and some yellow with the flowers to give them some contrast.  They came out with a bit of a whimsical look to them- something that I love.  What a great idea for home decor!

Next up- I want to make one in fall colors with "thanks" on it and maybe a couple for Christmas.  I'm thinking perhaps "joy" or "noel" for the holiday words.

These pillows would also look great with a name on them for a kid's room!  They would make awesome gifts, too.  I am going to make one for my niece.  I think I'll use the same colors that I used in her quilt.  Then when she puts it on her bed, it will all match! 

I set them in a basket and like how they look there, too!  The hardest part- deciding on the word and your colors.  After that, it comes together pretty quickly!
What word would you choose for your pillow?


  1. I love these! Your colors are wonderful. Great idea- I would choose the word "enjoy"- one of my favorite words ...and 'peace" many little time lol!

  2. The pillows look great differently going on my project list

    1. sorry that should be definitely not differently