Friday, March 13, 2015

Making Flannel PJ's

I have been catching up on making some gifts lately- I know, I'm always late in getting gifts to people on time!  These were the last of some of the Christmas gifts. 

I've been making flannel pajama bottoms for my sister and three nieces.  These pj's with the cute little kitties on them are for my sister who likes, you guessed it- kitties!

I made little matching note cards to go with the gifts.  When I took this pic, I didn't notice that one of the "kitties" was photo-bombing the shot!  Too cute, right?

My niece likes cats, too, so I made her this teal-colored pair with gray princess kitties.  Check out the matching note card with a gray siamese cat on it!  It says, "You're the Cat's Meow!"

I love the tie-dye look to these pajamas.  They're so colorful.  I even made a little matching pajama bag to go with them! 

Here's a peek of the card to go with them.  Yup, that's a little kitty, too! 

I also made more pj's, this time with hedgehogs on them for my niece that is away at college.  But I can't find the photo of them.  Maybe I forgot to take the pic!

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