Sunday, March 29, 2015


 This past weekend I had a booth at a local Spring Craft Fair.  Funny thing is - I woke up to a very snowy day!  Someone forgot to tell the weather here in NY that it is now supposed to be Spring.

Anyway, for the sale, I made more of the lovely vintage fabric hearts.  Didn't I say that I would love to make more of them? They are so much fun to make.

Start with a fabric heart for the background, add strips of various fabrics like you're making a crazy quilt, add some lace and fancy stitches along the seams.  Then stitch together the heart front to the backing.  Turn and embellish with some fabric yo-yo's and fancy buttons.  I hand-sewed the hanging ribbon to the top at the very end and added a button to cover up the ribbon ends. 

Before the sale, I shopped around at a couple of flea markets and picked up this vintage wire shelf.  I put some of my items on it for a display.  Even the antique linens that I had on display were for sale!

Check out this little vintage jar that I filled with antique spools of thread and embellished with some ribbon and stamping.  Of course the threads were peach, pink, cream and purple! 
I crocheted some face scrubbies in colors to match all of my items so that every item had something to "go with it" in coordinating colors!  The idea paid off when I showed each customer that every item had things to match it.

Little fabric bunnies were in abundance at my table.  I made them in peach, pink, cream and purples.

And what would bunnies be without carrots?  I have been wanting to make these for a couple of years and finally sat down to do it.  I cut out a long triangle, sewed up the two sides, then turned and stuffed them.  Then I gathered the top edge and stitched the oval leaves right into the gather.  I finished them off with a ribbon on the top.  I love how they turned out.

Then I made some epsom salt "bath teas" to go along with the crocheted face scrubbies.  I love to use epsom salts when I take a bath.  I decored them using toppers for the bags in the matching colors.

Remember the fabric flowers from last summer's Boho party?  I added some stamped cards to clip them onto (using all the same colors) and they sold like hotcakes!

My biggest seller was the matching cards.  I sold every card along with a coordinating item. 

And who wouldn't want one of these lovely gifts?

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