Monday, January 9, 2017

On the Road to the Adventure of Life

I love when January comes each year-
Number 1: The holidays are over and now we can live life at a slower pace and have time to catch up on all of the things that we didn't get to in December.
Number 2: It's a perfect time to celebrate new beginnings.  I love taking the time out to plan my life's dreams and goals for the upcoming year.  I never really get to all of them, but I guess just having a new year ahead that can be full of all kinds of adventures is exciting to me!

I got a new Journal to start out 2017.  I love how it says, This way to Adventure!  I'm all about the journey of going places.  So what sort of things am I looking forward to this year?

This year I'd like to do MORE of so many things: 
More creating and crafting (duh!),
more reading and relaxing,
more  travel and getting together with my friends and family,
more time hiking, camping and being outside and
more time spent in prayer and with the Lord. 

And then there are things that I'd like to do LESS of:
less time stressing over things,
less eating junk food (ha ha),
less time wasted watching tv.  

I listed all of these things in my Journal and look forward to logging my victories and perhaps even my struggles.  It's not a list of resolutions, it's a list of how I can better myself each day, a little at a time to become more of the person that I want to be.

How about you, what sort of things are you looking forward to in the New Year?  Do you have any dreams or goals that you'd like to work toward?  It's a brand new slate.  Don't you just love that?

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