Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There's Nothing Better Than a Finished Quilt!

 I have to admit, I love to start projects!  I love picking out new fabrics and finding a new pattern to make. It's all fun and exciting when you start to cut and lay out the new fabrics.  I get started with a vengeance and then... something comes up and I have to put away the project.  Or I have to work on something else that is more urgent.  My treasured project gets pushed aside and before I know it, it gets placed in the "pile" of unfinished items.

Today I wanted to show you that (sometimes) I actually do finish my projects!  Here is the queen sized quilt that I made for my daughter for her birthday.  She loves this color of soft teal and was SO excited to see that I had really finished her quilt! 

Although this pattern looks difficult, when you break down the blocks, it's just a 16-patch next to a 4-patch. I just love how it came out! (Even more, I love that it is FINISHED!) 

Here's a photo of the happy recipient of her quilt!

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