Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Blue & White Quilt

I spent most of the week before Christmas finishing up the Christmas gifts for my family!  OK, I admit- I tend to wait until the last minute to get anything done.  You can see the stockings hung by the fireplace in the background while I was working on my projects at the dining room table!

I made my this queen sized blue and white quilt for my son and his new wife.  And yes, I did shove that whole quilt under my sewing machine to machine quilt it!

I used white squares for the center of the blocks and then added assorted blues for the sashing strips.  When it was done, I noticed that the sashing formed what looks like a nine-patch square on the corners of the white blocks.  I like how that adds interest to the quilt.

I also added a row of blue squares along the side where the quilt will hang over the edge of the bed.  I thought that it needed a little something.

Here is what it looks like when I (finally) finished it!  I started this quilt in July while I was on my vacation and was hoping to get it finished in September for their wedding.  Why is that they always take so much longer than you think?  I'm just so glad that it's done! 

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