Thursday, December 26, 2013

Three Blind Mice

My daughter loves cats.  She has three of them: Jack, Ginger and Bentley.  Naturally, I can't leave them out at Christmastime.  Even the little furry friends love to get presents, too!

I made the kitties some little mice to play with that have their favorite ingredient in them- catnip!  The mice are made from some old felted sweaters (I have a quite a large stash).  I sewed the little mice bodies and then added some yarn for their tails, eyes, whiskers and little pink ears to make them look like real mice!  By mistake I sewed the brown mouse sweater inside out; that's why it looks sort of funny. I don't think the cats will mind. It adds to the whimsy look of the little mouse.

I think they came out really cute.  And did the kitties like them?  They loved them! 

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