Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Making Bath Teas

My sister is really into making and using all natural items to use to take care of your skin and body.  She taught me to use epsom salts in my bath and how to make an epsom mixture to create a "bath tea." 

I started by cutting some fine thread organza fabric with my Big Shot using the scalloped square die cut.  Then I sewed around on three sides to make a pocket for the epsom salts.  I filled it with my mixture and then sewed up the final side, sealing in the salts. 

 I put the bath tea into a plastic bag and decorated the topper with some stamping (what I love to do!).  Here they are in a basket all ready for my friends to try!

On the back of the topper, I wrote down some of the healing properties of epsom salts.  It has been known to relieve stress, sooth your muscles and soften your skin and much more!  If you'd like to read more about what it can do for you, click to the link here.

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  1. These look so nice in their basket! I have always said I am going to make bath salts some year for Christmas- I have yet to do it!