Friday, December 30, 2016

The Pets are Waiting for Christmas, too

Each year I like to make something for the "little ones" around here.  No, I don't have grandbabies yet, so what's the next closest thing?  Making gifts for the kitties.  :)

While perusing Pinterest, (like I do every day!)  I came across these cute little pet beds and just knew that I had to make them for the 2 kitties that live here with me.

They're made of 2 pieces of fleece and I had to piece them together because I only had half-yard pieces of fleece in my stash.  You simply cut a circle, about 22" in diameter and sew 2 pieces, right sides together, leaving a whole to turn.  Turn right-side out and then mark and sew a second circle about 4" in from the outside.  Then stuff with some fiberfill and stitch up the hole.  They make a great pet gift and are pretty easy to make.  I got the idea on 

 Here's Ginger enjoying her little bed. She's guarding her bed and blanket so that no one takes her presents!

I also made them blankies from fleece scraps and stuffed them with loose catnip.  The blankets measure about 19" by 25."  You can make them any size depending on the size your cat.  Before I stitched up the turning hole, I poured in some catnip.  Then I topstitched them about 1/2" around the edge to finish them off.

Here's my other furry friend enjoying his new bed.  The cats rolled around on their blankets for like an hour, just enjoying the fresh scent of the catnip and snuggling up in their new warm beds!

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