Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bringing the Ocean to My Bathroom

One day while I was looking on Pinterest for a gift idea to give to one of my friends, I came across a photo of some pretty crocheted washcloths.  I have always wanted to try to crochet them.  So I immediately pulled out some cotton yarn and worked out a pattern!  Since then I think I have made over 50 of them!  They are so fast, easy and fun to make. 

Of course, I couldn't just stop at making the washcloths.  So I came up with a cute flower pattern, too!  You can use these as make-up removers, coasters or something to set a candle or vase on.   The cotton yarn that I like to use is from Hobby Lobby and is very soft.  It makes the best washcloths.  It's called, "I Love This Cotton" yarn.  You can buy it at the store or order it online. 

Because I don't live near the ocean, I always try to bring a bit of the ocean to my bathroom decor.  So I drew up a starfish pattern and added that to the mix!  I added some ribbons, sea shells, fancy soaps and some stamping tags to complete the look.

What do you think of them?  They not only decorate your bathroom, but make nice gifts to give, as well.  My friend got this purple basket as her gift.  She loved it!

Each washcloth takes about 30 minutes to make.  The flowers can be make in less than 15 minutes.  You can almost make a whole set of them while watching a movie on tv.  I just love making them! 

 If you'd like to make some to decorate your bathroom, click here for the pattern tutorials! 

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