Thursday, May 29, 2014

Many Fabulous Fobs

When I was at the Quilt Show a few weeks ago, I picked up a pattern to make this fabric basket with handles.  I also bought a package of mini charm squares that measure 2 1/2".  I used the squares to make the basket with!  It didn't take very long and was easy to make.  I'm sure that I will be making more of these.  I didn't quilt the lining on this basket, but I think that when I make the next one that I will.  It needed to be a little thicker.

I recently saw an article in a sewing magazine that had these (Fabulous) Key Fobs in it and wanted to try making them.  I had a hard time finding the hardware so I had to order it online.  Then I had a hard time finding the webbing to fit the hardware!  I ended up ordering that online, too.  Of course the webbing that I ordered didn't match the size of the hardware, so I had to order MORE hardware.  Then I had to order MORE of the webbing to fit the original sized fobs!

Now I have enough hardware to make 150 of these things!  Ha ha!  I couldn't have just ordered 10 or 25 of them.  I mean, really- what crafter orders only 10 of something?  I think that my family and friends are going to be getting assorted Key Fobs for presents-  for EVERY occasion! 

I really love the fabrics that I made these from.  If you promise not to tell, these are the colorful fabrics that are in a quilt that I am working on for my niece- for her graduation!  I ended up with way more fabric than I needed to finish up her quilt (do you notice a trend here?), so I need to do something with it.  (You might be seeing more of it!)
I tried making the Fobs in two sizes.  The smaller ones are just in case you don't want a large key holder in your purse.  One for each key?  What do you think?

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