Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trip to the Quilt Show

A few weeks ago I went to a local Quilt Show and met up with some of my friends from my Second Saturday Quilting Group to ooh and ahh over some beautiful works of art!

Here are some of my friends ready and waiting to go! 

I certainly can't show you all of the amazing quilts here on my blog; there were so many of them!  But I wanted to share some snippets of some of the amazing works that I found.

This block is from the winning quilt at the show.  It had 9 different applique blocks, all with a Christmas theme.  I love the colors of the angels in this block.  And look at that quilting.  Wow!

This quilt stood out to me because of the colors.  I've always been drawn to pinks and greens!  They are so peaceful and shabby chic looking to me.

Look at this cute little owl wall quilt.  I love the simple black and white picture quilting.  Someday I want to try to make something like this.

This is a wall hanging that I just love everything about- the colors, the background, the tree, the dragonfly.  I could go on and on.  And come to find out, it is a Round Robin.  One woman makes the center square and then passes it on to the next person who adds another layer.  I think this is my favorite piece from the show.  It's just so unique.  I think it would look good hanging up in my home!

I'm not too much into quilts with curved pieces.  Maybe because they look like so much work!  But this quilt caught my eye.  I love the bright and funky looking colors that the quilter (one of my friends, Sue) chose for the centers of the curves.  And the circle quilting takes it to the next level.

Of all of the beautiful blocks and fancy quilting to look at, sometimes I like to just enjoy the simplicity of a simple block.  Pinwheels are one of my favorites.  I love the colors that this quilter chose.  It reminds me of the sea.

My friend Carol, the applique "queen," had several quilts in the show.  Although I got to see them while they were a work-in-progress, it was breathtaking to view them hanging at the show.  And, yes, she did win a ribbon for this one. 

There were so many quilts to see, but this little guy caught my eye.  He was sort of tucked away hiding in one of the blocks in a scrap quilt.  He's a bit whimsical, just like me.

Would I ever enter one of my quilts in a show?  Yup, you guessed it- it's on my bucket list.  ;)

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