Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What To Do With Strips of Fabric

A friend of mine recently had some surgery and I wanted to make a little something for her.  While I was getting my steps in and doing my daily walking at Hobby Lobby, I noticed this really bright and cheery fabric that was on sale.  Of course, I had to get some! 

The first thing that I did was to cut it into strips.  Then I had the idea to make a couple of cosmetic-type zippered bags with it.  There's no sense in just making one, so I made three of them.  I lined them with felt and it was just the right thickness to make them sturdy without being too stiff.  I just happened to have zippers to match on hand, so I used those.

I was going to sew small tabs on the sides of them, but was sort of in a hurry and decided against it.  Now I wish that I had taken the time to do it.  I think tabs make the zippered bags look more finished.

Then with some of the remaining strips, I sewed this hexagon centerpiece.  Can you see the flamingos in the fabric?  I just love them!  I think it came out so cute.  So cute, that I went back to Hobby Lobby and purchased more flamingo fabric!  I'll take that out and use it on another day.  :)  Stay posted.

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