Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grab 'n' Go Purse

I wanted to try making some of my own patterns for everyday useful items.  I started with making this little clutch.  I wanted something that I could just grab and carry only a couple of items when I didn't need to bring my purse with me.  Hence the name, Grab 'n' Go Purse!

I started with the the black purse and added a piece of a really cute panel to it for the flap.  It's a picture of some girls in a French cafe.  So cute!  I didn't plan ahead as to where I would put the velcro, so I had to add a button and a tie closure on this one. 

For the second purse, I chose some trendy dark gray plaid and added some light gray birds to it.  Then I made a key fob to match it.  (No surprise there!  For more info on that, see my previous posts!)

Then I made a lighter gray purse with some cute owl fabric for the flap.  I love the colors of the owls- the grays, pink and yellow.  I make a coordinating change purse shaped like a heart to match it.  I am working on making tutorials for the patterns.  More to come on that later!

So which purse do you like best?

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