Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunglasses Cases

Next on my list of things to make was a Sunglasses Case.  I wanted something that I could take out to the car and put my sunglasses in.  These are the three that I made using the Paris-themed fabrics! 

 I used another piece of a panel from the cute fabric to make the bottom of the case and added a black strip for the top of the case.  I lined it with flannel to protect my sunglasses from getting scratched.  There's a button and a loop closure at the top to keep the glasses in place.  This case also fits the cell phones that are thin and long.  And it matches the heart coin purse!

After making two cases pretty much the same way, I tried making the third case with a drawstring and casing.  Because the cases are pretty narrow, it was hard to get the top of the case under my sewing machine.  I ended up doing some of the sewing by hand.  But it wasn't too hard!  I added a pink yo-yo and button for decoration. 

I also made a key fob to match it!  Ha ha!

What a cute ensemble that I have now to take with me when I leave the house! 

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