Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heart- Shaped Change Purse

A while back I saw a little change purse that someone had made in the shape of a circle and I thought that it was so cute.  So I decided to make one in the shape of a heart!  They are quick and easy to make- they just take a small amount of fabric.  I have a lot of small zippers that I need to use up, too. (Okay, confession time here - one time I bought 100 seven-inch white zippers from eBay!) Now I was glad to use three of them!

 I had made a quilt years ago for one of my nieces with this cute pink Paris-inspired fabric.  I took out the box of fabric that was left over from the quilt and had a lot of fun using it in my projects. 

You can use these little purses for change, lens caps for your camera, jump drive for your laptop, or for carrying extra keys.  I think they would make a cute party favor for a girl's birthday party.  What other uses can you think of for using them? 

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