Thursday, July 24, 2014

Veggies in a Cup

Last weekend I went to a picnic BBQ at one of my friend's houses.  With all of the burgers and hot dogs that I have been eating lately, I wanted to bring something healthy! 

I cute up some veggies- carrots, celery, yellow and red peppers and green beans and sorted them into individual cups.  I tried to choose veggies that would stand up in a cup.  Then I added a plumb red cherry tomato to each cup. 

I used a muffin tin to transport the veggie cups so that they wouldn't tip over.  I had seen this idea on Pinterest, my favorite website!  I wanted to use glass cups, but didn't have enough of the right size.  Then I covered them with plastic wrap and decorated them with a stamped tag to match the colors of the veggies. 

Next I mixed up some dip from Greek yogurt and some seasonings that I had grown and dried from my new herb garden.  I added lots of dill to make it taste yummy!

I added some "picnic style" tags to the dip to decorate the lids on the cups.

People enjoyed the personal serving of veggies and loved my dip.  I would say that it was a great hit at the picnic! 

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