Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine Hearts and Baskets

 This year for Valentine's Day, I made some little baskets for each of my family members.

I used the new Berry Basket die to make the baskets and then filled them with little candies and goodies for each person.  For the girls I made vintage fabric hearts for them to hang in their rooms.  My daughter likes pink so I made her a pink heart.  I stamped little "love" messages and put those in their baskets as well.  

For my daughter-in-law, I made a peach vintage heart for her basket.  I enjoyed picking out the fabrics to make the hearts with.  I sewed assorted pretty ribbons and embellished the hearts with fancy stitches from my sewing machine.  Then I added some embellishments such as a yo-yo flower and some vintage buttons to complete the look.  The hearts can be hung or used for decoration.  

I had so much fun making them that I'm sure that I will be making more of them.  Maybe I'll make some for the spring craft fair!

Here is a close-up of the vintage heart in peach colors.  What do you think?  Shall I make more of them? 

To finish off the Valentine dinner, I baked some mini heart pies. I used pie crust as the base, cut them out with a heart cookie cutter and added some jam.  Then I topped them with another heart, brushed them with an coating and added some sugar topping.  I made some of the pies with cherry pie filling and although they were a little messier, I liked those the best!
 And yes, Lisa (my sister), I did make them myself!

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