Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Safe Place To Keep Your Pearls

For my Ten Year Stamping Celebration, we made a cute keeper out of the plastic clear stamping cases (did you know that you can buy them separately?)  to store your pearl and rhinestone sheets.  Having one of these makes your embellishments easy to find and easy to transport. 

I got a little carried away with the In Color embellishments on mine, but just loved the colors.  I used the Typeset Alphabet dies to cut out my initials. Each girl made their personalized case from different In Color sheets and cut out their own initials or name so that we can tell all of the supplies apart!

Then I just added butterflies and flowers to embellish.  I used the small circle that comes out of the hole punch for the centers of the flowers and for the butterflies.  If you use a raised item such as pearls, it will eventually make a hole in your plastic covering so only use flat items to embellish.

What other items can you think of to store in your keeper?

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