Sunday, August 4, 2013

Making a Kitchen Set

I was working on this kitchen set all week.  Last week I had made the 8 placemats.  Then I added 4 potholders/hot pads, 8 napkins, a striped runner and 3 coordinating dish towels.  I picked these colors because I thought they were trendy.  I especially like the quatrefoil pattern on the green fabric.  It looks like one of the new Stampin' Up papers! 

Of course, I made these for a gift!  I love being able to give home-made presents to the people that I love. :)

What colors would you use for your kitchen set?


  1. What a great set! Can you wash the placemats?

    1. The placemats get a bit wrinkled when you wash them. I take them off of the table when people are eating messy meals! :)