Sunday, April 9, 2017

How to Make a Vision Board

 This past January I had the idea of making some Vision Boards to help keep me on track of my goals for 2017.  I invited some friends over for a Vision Board night and we had so much fun encouraging each other and working on our boards.

I had so much to "say" in the form of magazine photos and words that I ended up making two Vision Boards to include everything!  One is for mostly for my home and family life and the other reflects my creative and crafty side.  :)

To keep them from getting ruined, I bought some frames at Michaels to hang them on the wall in my craft room and keep me inspired.

To plan my Vision Board Night, I bought a foam poster board for each person and some glue sticks.  Then I cleared off several tables for us to work on.  Everyone brought magazines to share that we used for cutting photos and words from.  I also had some scrapbook papers for the background.

Here we are pouring over magazine photos and ripping out pages.  We shared our goals with each other so we could help one other find the pictures of what we liked.  It was fun because we would find cute ads and then ask each other things like, "Who wants to be thin in 30 days?" 

 Once we gathered enough photos from the magazines, we placed them onto the boards and started gluing them down.

Everyone finished their board in a little over 2 hours.   They were so much fun to work on together and to share our goals with one another.

Some of the girls had more photos and some, like my friend Julie, had more words.  It just depended on what people were looking for.  There aren't really any rules.  And if you don't have any goals, it's still fun to cut out photos of things that you like from the magazine, sort of like an "All About Me" page.

Each person's board was so creative.  And so much like them.  At the end of the night, we were all proud of our work! 

Would you like to make a Vision Board?  They are really very easy.  And you could even invite some friends over to work on it with you.  It doesn't have to be January for you to set goals.  :)

 And guess what, I've found that I have actually been accomplishing some of my goals for this year already!

Let me know if you make one and how it comes out. 

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